EUR/USD: Down Leg (May 3, 2009) 9:13PM

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  1. I am about to start the selling. EUR/USD is in 1.3330 area. Who is on the other side?

    EUR/USD: Down Leg (May 3, 2009) 9:13PM.

    See you at the bottom.

    What do you think?
  2. 9:29PM: eur/usd just touched 1.330. I am starting the selling.

    Why you do not write what you think? Do not be scared. There is no problem to cast your point of view.
  3. Forget it, wait till 1.3380
  4. slacker


    Why now? Why not wait for a failed test of 1.34. What is your time frame? How much are you willing to risk on this trade?

    Good luck with it...
  5. You could fade 1.3336 area heavy for maybe a retrace to 1.33/1.32.50 in the thin overnight trading. But I wouldn't stick to this one too long. If you get pressed to 1.3350, stop out.
  6. Maybe not this high, but wait a little longer....maybe just sell half of your position now
  7. Why would you start shorting before the session is drawing to a close and you get a reliable signal? I have similar ideas for EUR/USD but I am going to wait for a "confirmation"
  8. 11:04PM: I just added to position. EUR/USD is now at 1.3346.

    I complete half of normal size. The second half is planned for higher if it goes up. 1.3434 is the point of complete size.

    If it goes higher than 1.3434, I will either add more, or stop and wait for it to stop rising.
  9. What if it does not go there?
  10. How sure are you that it will test 1.34?
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