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Discussion in 'Forex' started by GabbyJay, Oct 20, 2008.

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    i was just wondering if anyone wants to talk one on one and work together on the eur/usd. i come from an extensive background from harvard business school and have been trading the markets for many years.

    always find joint partnerships like this helpful especially over in markets like these.
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    i know a lot of you don't care for my request but it would be really swell if someone would take me up on it. thx
  3. Your request is too broad, you need to be more specific as to what you actually looking for, analyses, recommendations, signals, assistance in ddeveloping a model or just casual chat.

    If u looking for some one to tell you which way eur/usd is going to go......nodody knows especially not here on ET. Plight of the fortune tellers.
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    nobody will ever know the future of price movement except aladin maybe.. lol

    for my request, i take a very zen like approach when trading the eur/usd. so i'm specifically looking for someone who is like me who is very well versed in the eur/usd(knows its price structure/patterns down to a t and knows most optimal entry/exit times), implores a technical analysis approach, has lot size discipline, and is generally very comfortable with being on the phone dead quiet while trading that market and either keeping speaker phone on or once in a while talking through a trade and taking it together.

    *i care about being right and accurate in the market while following my strategy more than making money just so you know.

    just makes the day go by some faster :)
  5. Are you a full-time trader?

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    i am indeed.
  7. GabbyJay,

    I think it's utopia to try to find someone who will be so in sync with yourself that you can pass that "time of silence" together, when it suits both of you - as well as clicking totally with your personality etc.

    Furthermore, you would need to be extremely aware of your own person and how you behave to even be able to understand what you want, how you react and what really works for you.

    See e.g , and .
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    yeah true well let's see how this pans out anyway,

  9. When all you want is really someone to "play ball with" and get impulses from -- spend more time with introspection, as well as getting external impulses from whatever else you find interesting at any moment. History Channel and Nat Geo are really great sometimes to get the ball moving... You obviously appreciate and need some "silent time" to concentrate as well. It's not helpful to evolve an "addiction" to others or their company for your trading, IMO - even if you are strongly extroverterted, as personal trading/investing is essentially a very individual profession. I.e you have more to gain by "developing yourself" - and not by "honing your team skills."

    I'm looking more into quantum gravity theory and mathematical spin groups, Hilbert space nowadays - just as a "fluke interest" - but another "piece to the puzzle" for me to think about... not really useful in practice, just a catalyst.

    Another thing that can be useful to "get free" from things you perceive hold you back - are nootropics - but I am talking nutrition, not drugs or psychedelics - as those will only destroy/distort your efforts. However, also be aware that if you e.g increase the "messaging capabilities" of your brain, then you also need to develop and balance your "executive reasoning" - the prefrontal cortex of your brain, as that can get "loose" if you overly stimulate neural messaging... just like "information overload."

    As a daytrader or scalper, you rely on your brain and quick wits - so you need to train it and keep it in shape.
    You can e.g train your "fluid intelligence" - and stuff like "lateral thinking" or even "koans" are useful.