EUR/USD comments on movement ?

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    Dear Fellow traders it's been nice to have found this place as i have recently not long ago started trading in forex and hope to know what is the market sentiments or advise that you guys think about EUR/USD direction in the following 2 weeks.

    Hope i can learn a thing or two from you.
  2. +70 pips on the EUR/USD earlier this evening. Usually I'm a equity trader but got brave and opened a Forex account. Love the Forex so far.

    I'm thinking the shorts will come in at 1.5555?
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    hi tradewiz50

    :D yup was riding along just now too earn some credits too what a ride.
  4. I just looked at the chart. I am considering going short eur/usd at 1.5643 (March 25, at 9:50PM). I will decide depending on how safe I can place stops, but definitely if I trade it it will NOT be on the long. My decision would have been made easier if that pair were to trade 25 pips higher. Then I should be able to know with more certainty the probs and the risk reward for a down move.
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    just long EUR / USD 1.5641 i think it's may have room to move 20pips before a fall soon GMT +8 10:04hrs

    Limit 13 pips trail stop at 10 pips
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    hmm market seems to be going down how many pips do you guys think it may go ?

    Why do i have this strong sense that the price is going to go up when europe opens in 3 hours time ?
  7. Riskfree,

    I'm with you on this one bud.
  8. I am Placing orders from

    Pair ------- Short Target S/L ------------- Long Target S/L
    EUR/USD 1.5990 1.5798 1.6275 -------------- 1.5082 1.5344 1.4692


    EUR/USD 1.6089 1.5831 1.6375 -------------- 1.4946 1.5299 1.4555
    Trail s/l at 76 pips
    try my attached excel file for levels

    gbp/usd short before eur/usd though

    aud/nzd now is hot to short

    Use the blue cell for risk

  9. Good that you had a stop. In the future replace logic/math with "strong sense". Emotion do not always work in trading. Good luck to you. Read my threads (so far a winning streak in all predictions I have made but I am always considering that I am wrong as trading is not a deterministic science. It is probabilistic.
  10. seems that GBPUSD Target for 3 months is 1.85
    eurusd 1.44

    usdJPY 110

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