EUR/USD - Are We Due For a Tumble to $1.20?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by DrawDown, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. My ForEx sense says, Yes!

    Anyone concur?

    1.2700 (short @ 1.2534)

    <IMG SRC=>
  2. It should, but with the Israeli at ware who knows…
  3. Well, iffin it DO, thet be a 700-pt call, boys, not to mention a 5-cent TP, and I wahnt me sum respek aroun' huah!

  4. I sure hope so! I want to dump some USD at a better rate. The funnymentals for USD look like crap!
  5. Maybe there's more people like you.

    Do funnymentals look much better for other currencies?
  6. rosy


    no clue what your chart represents. can't i just as easily say there's support at 1.25 and it's going to 1.30.
  7. "no clue what your chart represents."

    Um... then let me explain it.

    Ya see, the trendline on the left goes UP... the trendline on the right goes DOWN... the trendlines at the bottom mark off the area around $1.20.

    "can't i just as easily say there's support at 1.25 and it's going to 1.30."

    You could... it's just not as dramatic. ;-)
  8. I believe so. Hell look at the Euro since its inception. 80 cents all ways up to 1.30. I am not a funnymentalist, but I do listen to the pundits and they have some legit points. The US is amassing so much debt, got rid of M-3 reporting, that it's hard to believe it can be repaid. Frugal Euro Zoners are much better savers although I believe their debt to GDP ratio is higher though. Sorry I don't have articles or links. Look at the CD up north. Damn from 72 cents a few years back to almost parity with USD!.
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  10. *shrug* ... then buy euro.

    I'll take the other side.

    Tell me when you open.
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