eur/usd, anybody know?

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  1. anybody know what's going on with eur/usd this evening? it is really screaming for this time of day
  2. short squeeze. weekly testing 50MA.. expecting it to go higher 1.37+

    bearish intraday, bullish overall
  3. yeah, it didn't look fundamental, oh well, no complaints

    thought this would be an unusual time of day for any news, but you never know, maybe a bomb went off or somebody got assassinated
  4. fleance


    Screwy looking action. Someone blowing out stops/squeezing shorties?

    Equity futures are limp noodles during this EUR stiffie.


  5. looks pretty normal, although I missed the short, this is what happens when too many people are sitting and waiting.. someone hits it hard enough in one direction/get the volatility going to entice trades.
  6. Could you ask that on bolomberg to those who said 1.17?
  7. reaction to this:

    Moody’s announced after the NY close it confirms Spain’s government bond rating at Baa3, while assigning a negative outlook.
  8. ah, that explains the big gap at 17:15, thought it was over with, then I guess a lot of shorts got squeezed a couple of hours later
  9. Salmon


    I think 1.17 like Merrilll Lynch predicts. We in Europe short euro.
  10. EURUSD is going crazy my friends.

    Moody confirms negative outlook for spain then why EUR up like crazy
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