EUR/USD 200pip+ move

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  1. Did anyone catch that? I didn't.

    I went short at 1.2148 with a stop at 1.2170 and got taken out quickly. Might re-enter a short position in a few hours.
  2. Do you think you have good enough reason to sell here, if you hadn't anticipated this move up in the first place?
  3. With a lack of posts I assume that nobody anticipated this move up.

    I sold at 1pm est during a pause, hoping for a retrace while I had my lunch. But I covered with a - 22 pip stop. Only $22.00 loss.
  4. UG, where do you get 200-pips?

    from what price to what price?

    I called a 200-point move UP from 1.2039 as close as I can document from other threads.

    it hit 1.2204 today.

    that's 165-points - still not 200-points.

    a couple guys made some bets with me for $4.00 - I just cannot find the posts and from what level I called the 200-pip move up.

    from 1.2039 is as close as I can see at this point.

    anyone remember the bets?? :D

  5. Coinz I think the USD will get back half of the loss by Friday's close. Maybe back to 1.2100 or so.

    I might enter a EUR/USD short in a few hours. LIMIT at 1.2100 no STOP. Close on Friday if LIMIT not hit.
  6. cable


    I remember it perfectly. EURUSD had just touched the magic 1.3600, and you bet it would go up 200 pips....

    Just kidding. But I feel it's my duty to crush your spirit before you get too cocky from all your good calls recently and end up betting 100% of your account on some kamikaze Yen trade....

    Of course, if you didn't take that kamikaze Yen trade, you wouldn't be sKaLpZ.
  7. Big weak shorts covering.

    Tommorrow e-data will be very strong and everyone is expecting Katrina/Rita twins to have taken a big toll. Everyone will be surprised and down we go again.
  8. I bet the data won't be that bad, and we'll
    have a nice day of choppiness, in which
    I cannot trade at all. Lol..

    Everyone pray that I'm wrong.
  9. hi mr uninvited _ guest

    what broker are you using for mini trading

    Oanda , fxcm , forex , refco ?

    -But I covered with a - 22 pip stop. Only $22.00 loss.-
  10. with 200:1 leverage. I only trade 10k lot at a time. I started with $500 and I'm up to $800. If I can get past $1000 I will then trade 20k at a time.

    I had a good run of 8 trades, but my last 3 trades have been losers. My present trade is halfway to the STOP already. If I lose this trade (- $45.00) I will take 1 week off.

    My 8 winning trades were all without STOPS, my losing trades with STOPS. But STOPS give me piece of mind.
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