EUR to re-test 3700...

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  1. might be in the cards

    that would be a double-top so profit-taking at that level would be called for
  2. speres


    A double top or a triple top or quadruple top, it can be whatever u want it to be i suppose.............
  3. Just as my charts indicated

    lol - fx is fun!
  4. Until it isn't. :D
  5. What was even more fun, was when price broke the high of about 3722 and all the stops/orders started getting hit - it was like a sling shot!
  6. Hi,

    I think using only a pattern not telling us well. For me I use Elliott Wave to help me trade much better.

    I found a very interesting forecasting website, here is what they said.
    You might wanna check it.

    short-term fourth wave correction

    The rapid pushed up and drop could possibly done a top of third wave as counted in 15 minutes chart. If the Fibonacci 38.2% level can hold the price and no five wave motive pattern move down below 1.3741, we might be in the process of fourth wave correction and can expect to see another push up above 1.3837 for fifth wave.


  7. this baby is definitely hitting 1.4000 by tomorrow morning......

    and did you guys check out the action on the pound this morning?? wow! got caught shorting it tho - lmao
  8. Evidence, as shown below:D

  9. speres


    profit taking?? it flew u idiot
  10. 1.4 in the morning -- just like my charts said.......

    What a week! Time to enjoy the weekend..
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