EUR Tanking

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  1. Could anybody tell me if this move was news related ?
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  3. Got it.

    It happened shortly after 8PM though.
  4. It's the Turkey/EU deal.

    everybody's dumping the euro again - moving money into the USD.

    this whole thing is forming on speculative gasses.

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    Japanese markets opened....

    however, 1.1940/60 look like good levels for a bounce
    up to 1.1990-1.20 for a re-test
  6. Hope you do well.

    So at 5pmET Australia opens

    at 8pm ET Tokyo opens

    at 2am London opens..

    at 8 am NY opens

    Is this correct?

    Thanks !
  7. blame it on the Tankan !

    headline from bloomberg tonight

    -Yen Drops to Weakest Since May 2004; Tankan Less Than Forecast-
  8. "This worse-than-expected figure should discourage investors from buying yen,'' said Masaki Fukui,...

    Fuk Fukui.
  9. 1.2000 level, and some weeks low, some month low ahead, JPYUSD 140level that is 6month high break, USD interest rate, stuff, and so on. Plus Monday Morning.
  10. *shrug*

    what about "monday morning?"
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