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  1. I'm finally Yen free, man, it's nice to get your life back. I'm at peace, I've completely forgiven them for Pearl Harbor, heck, everybody makes mistakes, I sure did when I got long JPY. I'm still a net yen winner due to the fact that I was short on intervention day. The JoB says they will not intervene but will "moniter appreciation."

    that's good enough for me. don't know if I will ever eat sushi again, still haven't got my appetite back, but I'm looking for a place to get long EUR/JPY.

    Why? don't ask me why. it has nothing to do with anything.

    I'm already plenty short EUR and I don't mind cancelling out a little.

    So that's the trade, long EUR/JPY

    you got a better idea?
  2. yes eurjpy is in a big up move for this month, so only 5 trading days left.

    if you wanna go long wait for a pullback on the daily chart and enter when price starts to move up again an close it before the weekend.

    price target is around 102.70.

    But this is critically situation here, because you already missed the big train for going long.

    If you feel unsure, i would wait for next month and looking for a short oppurtunity.

    Right now price is at major resistance. But how i said, it could push up to the next resistance in the last remaining days, if the traders want to, buts it sure not the best possible scenario.

    next month this market will probably go down again.
  3. I picked up a little today at 101.19, not enough to get hurt if I'm wrong. Like I said it is the only JPY I have on and would like to get short. If for no other reason than I've lost so much being long.
  4. i am sorry for your loses.

    but we all must learn from our mistakes, nobody learns by listening to others.

    Go short if you want, but not before the first of february, or you will lose again.
  5. that is, short the yen, before too long here maybe like you said I'll add some AUDJPY

    closing out losers is just part of my daily chores

    otherwise, I just thought I would start some threads on some pairs just to give people a place to talk