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  1. RFT is back (to forex trading). He says hello to those who know him on his financialtraders blog.

    The reason RFT is here is to ask what you think of a trade he placed few moments ago, with EUR/GBP at 0.8710. RFT thinks 0.8720 is a short term top at least. Possibly a major top later.

    December 05, 2005, about 3AM, short EUR/GBP at 0.8710 area.
  2. first 40 pips in the bag! it is now below 0.8670

    any news about this pair? who trades it?
  3. eur/gbp went to 0.8630 area.

    profits taken at 0.8640.

    Total: 70 pips.
  4. Dec 5, 2008, 10:14AM. Shorting it again.

    Entry at 0.8705 to 0.8710 area.
  5. are you "consumed" with Eur/Gbp only or others?...eur/usd, aud/usd, gbp/usd?
  6. you can say that. I like to nail tops and bottoms.

    I am always at a top selling, or at a bottom buying.

    it happens that eur/gbp is at a top. so I want to cut some british heads, who are short their own currency.

    I also took profits on Nasdaq 100 at 10:24AM, the current standing bottom on NDX. Readers of my blog can tell you that I like tops and bottoms.
  7. 11:59AM (dec 5, 2008). pair is at 0.8660 area. Latest Profits shown are 45 PIPS.

    Earlier profits: 70 pips

    Commulative profits: 115PIPS.

    Remarks: both shorts at the top!
  8. Hey cat...
    1-how do you determine if a "currency is at the top"?
    2-where can I read your blog?
  9. Hey Man...are these results on 1,2,5 lots etc.?
  10. After taking another 70 pips on this pair on Sunday, I was back in earlier today at the area of the top I mentioned in first post (0.8710).

    Now I will not take small profits on this. I will let ride more.

    Who is in on this pair? It is now at 0.8680, which is not too far from the recent top.

    I plan to add more in case it goes up to the top and fails.

    Realized profits: 145 PIPS.
    Unrealized: 30PIPS.
    Cumulative: 175 pips.

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