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    I started trading forex about 1 years ago. I lost my money straight away, but was introduced to forex referral systems.

    So I bought for brand and regular type-in traffic to start IB(Introducing Broker) business. Most of you probably know that forex industry is best paying industry in referrals(just ask from this sites owner). 250$-10,000$ per referral + 2% of lifetime revenue. But I think most of you don't know that domains are one of the most rising commodities in value!

    I can't write shit of forex trading for site content. Plus my web developing skills sucks big time. So I'm selling it to someone with knowledge of forex markets.

    Here is some more valuable information about the domain.

    * Google Search Results Per Search: 437,000,00-470,000,000

    * Official symbol for currency €. Used in Forex trading, web stores, currency conversions and so on.

    * 100-200 unique interested type-in visitors + visitors from search engine.

    My asking price is 100,000$. Time is a valuable factor, so there is little room for negotiation. For this years domain prices check

    While some of you might think this is a scam and wonder how can a domain name cost so much. Well here's a tip. Do your research and check your facts right.

    Trasaction will be handled through to provide secure transaction and to prevent neither party from scam. They have special escrow services to handle domain transactions.

    Some similar sales this year. - 200,000$ - 150,000$ - 110,000$ 100,000$ 96,000$ 95,000$

    Contact the mail in my profile if you're interested.
  2. Is there a coupon available? I think prudent people would be extremely wary of a 1-post seller. Somehow, the "buyer" is likely to find out that the seller never actually owned it. There are so many ways to hijack, redirect, pump or otherwise screw around with a URL...
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    I understand that there is some trust issues involved in domain sales, but I remember mentioning to check your facts right. But asking questions is healthy.

    Always douple check for scam. Here's what you can do.

    - check that my mail in profile information matches whois mail information.
    - Ask traffic stats by mail and is it for sale.
    - I'll do everything to prove that this is the real deal. Please don't hesitate to ask questions.
    - I'll write a hello message to the site when I come back from work.
  4. Your third point, 100-200 unique interested something or others(regular visitors?), +browser hits.

    What on earth does that mean?
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    I have received an offer for 81,200$ this will act as an reserve price as long as I decide to sell it to this guy.

    It gets frequent visitors per day by people just typing in web adress straight to web bar. You can read about it from here

    Let me put it to you this way. If you are going to buy a retail store space for your business. Do you want to pay higher price so you're in the main street in financial district to get bypassers inside your store. Or do you want a low priced one from the side streets of ghettos. It's all about the image. A properly branded name generates trust. Instead you can register for 9 bucks forex-trading-school.something(probably not even com). But how's that going to create trust with so many forex scams around.

    Here is the current conversion rate and traffic for September 2007 when it was parked parked (just ads in page) . Key word used was "forex trading". As you can see it converted at rate of 1.28% with 312 interested in forex trading in a month. Now everybody can make their calculations with 312 referred users. And how that will add up in yearly basis. And how much your initial investment will make interest. Probably way more that your forex trading. Plus your traffic will increase significantly when proper content is added. It gets rated better by search engines.( is now a the second page when searching for eur).

    See the problem with selling name like this is that professional domainers just wan't to park it cause they don't know nothing about forex and are not ready to get involved in developing a site with content. So they base their price on ad click revenue.

    In the other hand professional forex traders don't know nothing about domains pricing and their values so they think it's a scam. For those I suggest doing research in internet about domain pricing. If some one is interested they can order a appraisal from professionals. You can do it free in But again the machine can't connect eur with forex trading that's why it gives so low ppc ads score.

    Btw. the offer I received is by professional domainer. Not anyone from forex world.

    Wake up to the 21th century. It's internet prime real estate that we're talking about.

    Obviously you don't know shit about other businesses. So please make me a favour and go back to calculating interest rates. If you wan't I can give you a pm when I have reached a sale. You can read it from dnjournal anyway..
  6. Please send me $100,000,000. I am selling I acquired it recently, and have decided I suck at web design, so I am selling it. I currently have an offer of $81,200,000. PM me with offeres.

    Must pay in e-gold, and I will assign ownership to you, once you cannot get your money back...
  7. I don't think it's a scam.

  8. if it said it might be quite good:cool:
  9. otherwise i could think of better ways to spend one hundred grand :D why don't you push off :D
  10. Kevin Ham - link above - made millions buying domains and parking them. In the article it states that it is common for people to directly enter a .com name instead of using Google. One word .com domains are valuable and can be worth more just parked, with ads, instead of developed. If this was a .ca, .us, .org, .info then the value would be a fraction of the .com.
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