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    Now this looks interesting to me.

    This pair is overextended so a counter trend play looks to be the smart move. Significant S&R level in the 1.5740-1.5720 region which should be observed. I am also seeing some good divergence in the H1 charts which looks promising.
    A move below the S&R level with a stop above it targeting the 1.5650 region looks like a sound play to me.

    Any thoughts, comments, ideas?
  2. I have a current short position open right now. 60 pips + :)

  3. mahras2


    Nice trade. I am waiting for it to see the reaction at the 1.5720 level to initiate a trade. The setup looks great just a matter of strategically picking spots and hitting the turn.
  4. Yeah, Kastro's ahead the curve. :D

    Good goin', bro. Way to be fast.

    I'm on the other side. Albeit on a simulator. You're lucky! :D

    Actually, I'm only trading so many pairs at one time on my live account and EUR/CHF is not one of them.

    I'm 17 pips down.

  5. Thanks guys :)

    Might bail out with 81 pips +, but I can see this pair going to .2895 :confused:

    We shall see in the next while :)