EUR/CAD Short Play....look good long term?

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  1. I am short the EUR/CAD from the 1.6180 level on the 7th of August. I would like opinions from all you Forex masters as to the thought of the current EUR/CAD lack of ability to breakout above the 1.6200 to 1.6300 price levels....does this look like a good longer term short play to you?

    The pip spread on this trade felt like a Colonoscopy gone bad, but the price formation looked too good to pass up.....looks like a failed breakout formation potential to me.....I do not know jack about this pair but I went for it based upon my signals and the current price pattern.

    It appears to me if I can get a break of the 1.5270 to 1.5200 zone this could get some legs and run....what say you?
  2. I think that you missed the first big down move in EUR, if you did not sell EUR/USD in the 1.60 area or EUR/JPY in the 1.7000 area.

    I recommended to the currency subscribers of my blog to take a good part of their position off wiith close to 1000 PIPS on EUR/USD and 400 pips on EUR/JPY (check my blog for where we shorted EUR/USD and also EUR/JPY).

    Now I think you should prepared for longer holding periods, and the pair that would allow you to hold and earn while holding is:


    I just informed my readers to short it in the 1.7020 area, and to short it if it revisits that level or a bit higher (1.7050).

    Note: The cost of carry is positive for shorting EUR/AUD.
  3. Already have that trade covered.....I am still short the EUR/USD from 1.5920 and up as mentioned in other threads here at ET.
  4. That is great! Congrats! I do not think you need any advice then, except what i wrote about EUR/AUD, and not to fall for the corrosion trap described in my next post.
  5. There is a trade I missed because of some idiots in here putting doubts in my head about TRY.

    I could have made a killing on that pair, and earned tons of interest. If you search it on the threads, you would find that I was writin that it is a great trade, but then some people put all sort of doubts in my head, and I made only 400 pips or so on a tiny position.

    I could have made more than 1400 pips, and earned 4 pips a day just for holding it. That is another 700 in 6 months.

    Put the leverage in, and you would see how lucrative it would have been.

    I deserve it for corroding my mind with negative worth material. Now when I write something and the majority jump on me, I go and start scaling. I wish I had more capital in my hands now, as my view on the markets is expanding exactly as I envisioned it.
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  7. For the record, I want the readers to know that Ivanovich has removed links about the above post.

    In addition that person's views can be harmful as they to me on a USD/TRY and it is in the record here on ET.

    He is also running around here on ET cherry picking.

    If there is a policy against links, apply it across the board, and do not cherry pick.
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  9. While you guys were fighting (JK...LOL) I just caught a nice little gap down open......covered a part of my position that I will put back on anywhere above the 1.6025 level when I get another sell signal. My covers were at 1.5935/1.5936/1.5937 ....nice way to start off Sunday trading! :)
  10. I was able to take additional covers at 1.5180 on Friday, so this trade is looking real good with the area of support I was watching longer term busted far so good.
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