Discussion in 'Forex' started by oldtime, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. anybody have any opinion on eur/aud?

    or eur?

    or aud?

    I'm currently long and I hate to switch sides down here

    aud needs to go to parity, but nothing at the moment is really stopping it from going all the way to 800

    eur also needs to go down, but it trades more on sentiment than fundamentals, good news up, bad news down

    just curious if anybody has a more educated opinion, I usually hold these positions a long time, so it's not urgent.

    I took most of my profits on a very large short aud.usd
    and thanks to martingale I am about even on my long eur.usd, but now it is my largest position

    being long or short both is not an option for me
    I either need to be long eur/aud or short eur/aud

    the carry is working against me, so that is also a consideration

    being long aud.usd and eur.usd is not an option
    being short both aud.usd and eru.usd is also not an option

    I need to be long one and short the other to fit into what other things I have on