EU warns it's socialist economy could end in disaster.

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  1. BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The EU warned on Monday of an "economic and social disaster" if joblessness among young Europeans continued to rise, calling for a joint effort to combat record high unemployment in the countries which share the euro.

    "It is clearly unacceptable that 25 million Europeans are out of work," European Commission spokesman Jonathan Todd told a regular briefing. In a separate statement, the EU executive said the data showing a record 22.7 percent of 18-to-25-year-olds out of work in Europe in August was of real concern.
    "EU institutions and governments, businesses and social partners at all levels need to do all they can to avoid a lost generation, which would be an economic and social disaster," the Commission said.

    Joblessness could go beyond 19 million by early 2014, or about 12 percent of the euro zone's workforce, according to a new study by consultancy Ernst & Young, predicting that rate to rise to 27 percent in indebted Greece. That compares with 24.4 percent in the country in June, the latest data available.
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    The EU is going into a second recession if not worse. Yet the people in these nanny states are protesting for their governments to stop austerity and hand out more goodies. It's going to end badly.
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    Welcome to the world of losers. These people are trash.
  4. With over 40% of our 115m taxpayers being employed by and paid from the public dole... paid from taxes collected from our corps and 60% non public workers, ie (Govt, Military, Prime, Teachers) all with essentially free healthcare benefits and pensions a magnitude or 12 better than social security.

    We are already 40% socialist...
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    And the EU's answer is obvious (also obviously stooopid) - pass laws that require business to employ "young Europeans."

    "Komrade, I see that you have no youngsters employed in this business."

    "Please sir, I had the required 50% under 21. But they wouldn't even show up. Then one day I asked one (when he came in to get all their paychecks) if they could at least come in once in a while. He became enraged and stormed off. They called me later to tell me they all quit!"

    "I know Komrade, they called me. Do you not have direct deposit? You expect these poor, downtrodden youths to actually come here to get paid!? You inhumane monster! You will report immediately to the re-education center just across the street. Let's go!"