EU to halt the falling dollar?

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  1. "I don't have the impression that financial markets and other actors have correctly and entirely understood the message of the G7 meeting," he said.


    Hummm, the powers in the EU are looking to step in and stop the fall of the dollar.

    Very interesting news breaking on this.
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  3. Link=Imagination in his head?
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    I forgot the link.
  6. how can they intervene while the US is dropping interest rates? it wouldn't be effective until the US goes hawkish
  7. I think the Fed is going to pause at the next meeting, that will send a pretty good signal for the big funds to back off the dollar.
  8. Its just verbal intervention. aka they aren't going to do anything. Intervention doesn't work. They could be signaling a reversal though or just trying to slow the appreciation of the euro. we seem to be approaching a peak
  9. You hear that Bernanke? The stupid Europeans want to stop the falling dollar. Time to ramp up the printing presses and cut rates since fools still have faith in the dollar. You must sqeeze every last one of them dry so the US can enjoy its debt financed lifestyle for another day.

    Serioulsy, if I was in Bernanke shoes I would cut rates by 1% in an Emergency Rate cut and inject $500 billion into the international economy on the announcement just to piss the E U off since they're commiting to stop the falling dollar.