EU reaches provisional deal on reopening borders — to fewer than 20 countries including China

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    The first iteration of the list, seen by POLITICO, includes 19 countries: Algeria, Andorra, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, San Marino, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay and the Vatican — and China...

    Ouch, that must hurt the "smartest dude" in da White House....:cool:
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    This should read: EU follows logical steps to reopen trade & travel.
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    IMO border closes were at late stage of spread.
    Even if 100-1000 sick people enter into small country. Its still exponential spread for coronavirus.

    Did it even help to close borders?
    Were hospitals less crowded due to borders being closed?

    But im sure it helped to move stock and inflate dollar.
  5. I imagine there will be a lot of sharp little daggers coming from all corners like this until November. Anything to make Trump look bad. He's very unpopular around the world.
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    Like there were no governments at all, majority followed with border closes. He's very popular around the world.
    And almost seemed like many media outlets and politicians were reading single script in various languages...
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    Trump is very popular with the traders.
    because he'd create numerous trading opportunities directly / indirectly.
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  9. I am sure the thousands of illegals from North Africa, Iran, Afganistan, Pakistan, Equatorial Africa are squeaky clean, healthy, and ready for work in the EU paradise!