EU new car registrations down 6,9 %, down third consecutive month

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    Brussels, 15/07/2010 - Registrations of new cars in the EU* declined for the third consecutive month in June (-6.9%), with 1,341,092 units registered. Over the first semester, EU* registrations (+0.2%) leveled with the result over the same period last year. Compared with the first six months of 2008, the market decreased by 10.3%.

    In June, Germany (-32.3%), Italy (-19.1%) and France (-1.3%) were the main markets with lower registrations, whereas the UK (+10.8%) and Spain (+25.6%) recorded a rise in numbers, leaving the overall result at -6.9%. The largest drop was recorded in Slovakia (-40.6%), while the biggest increase occurred in Ireland (+75.8%).

    From January to June, 7,285,487 new cars were registered, or 0.2% more than over the same period a year ago. Looking at the main markets, only Germany contracted (-28.7%), while Italy (+2.9%), France (+5.4%), the UK (+19.9%) and Spain (+39.5%) all posted growth. The steepest fall was recorded in Hungary (-43.8%) and the most important increase by Portugal (+57.7%).

    * EU27, data for Cyprus and Malta unavailable

    NB: Commencing with the January 2010 new passenger car registrations figures, the ACEA data sheets will provide new vehicle registrations in alphabetical order for the countries of the European Union, and no longer separate for Western-Europe (15) and new EU Member States (10)*. Results for the EFTA countries will continue to be reported separately. The monthly press releases
    will quote the ‘EU’ figures first, followed by the ‘total Europe’ figures, adding up the EU and EFTA figures.