EU imposes worldwide carbon tax;China says how about we impound all your aircraft.

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  1. China ready to impound EU planes in CO2 dispute
    By Alison Leung and Anurag Kotoky | Reuters – Tue, Jun 12, 2012

    BEIJING (Reuters) - China will take swift counter-measures that could include impounding European aircraft if the EU punishes Chinese airlines for not complying with its scheme to curb carbon emissions, the China Air Transport Association said on Tuesday.

    China is among a raft of countries including India, Russia and the United States that have protested against the inclusion of all flights using EU airports into the emissions scheme.

    The EU's cap-and-trade scheme will effectively in most cases charge airlines for emissions based on the length of the whole flight, rather than just the portion flown over Europe.

    Critics say this amounts to interference with non-EU airspace.
  2. What a bunch of crap!
  3. Lucrum


    Even more absurd is that the EU Emissions Scheme does not curb carbon emissions. It only taxes them.

    So unless the EU plans on using the funds collected to purchase some very large high altitude CO2 scrubbers. It's just another tax that benefits no one.
  4. This is all the global warming scam is. More taxes.
  5. achilles28


    Yup. Creates the "global authority" to tax. IOW, global Government.

    All the UN does is hype the notion of "global problems". Everything is now a global problem. And deary me, what's the only solution to a global problem? Why, Global Government, of course! More power to the UN!
  6. achilles28


    I guess China is the only country with balls.

    What happened to good ol' days of the US flipping the bird to Socialists?
  7. Ricter


    Meanwhile China is cutting rates to shore up sagging exports. Sagging exports to... the EU!

    I assume you are only criticizing the EU's goal, not their method, since many of you were previously advocating the US put up a tariff "wall" as well...
  8. Lucrum


    Pretty much.

    These days, WE ARE the socialists.
  9. achilles28


    ^Yup. Welfare queens.

    Ricter, tariff walls against low-cost producers are great. They protect jobs.