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    If France and others vote "No" this weekend, will it shake the euro, and/or the global currency market?

    What fallout can be expected?

    Will it turn the euro/EU into a "lost island"?

  2. 2 questions:

    1) If the Euro constitution fail, is it really a bad thing?

    2) Do the markets already expect it to fail?

    I think that's why the EUR keeps downtrending and never bounce back. Wait until the issue is solved.
  3. Yeah... speculation moves markets.

  4. Well, my reply is gone.

    I replied that if the constitution is not adopted the status quo will be maintained. Remember that 90% of what the constitution sets out is already in effect today by means of the different treaties.

    It will probably have impact on the market, but not for long. Other matters will soon take over.
  5. Yeah, you're right, other matters always take over.

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    The market already expect th French "NO" that's why the euro is making new lows. I guess when the the results of the voting is up, it will not make much change to the market.
  7. this makes sense. priced in.

    Norway votes 6/3.
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    Norway are not in the eu, they are in eea.
  9. That's the thing. I think a "no" is a good thing and the EUR should move up if we expect a no, but that ain't happening.

    It's quite something, it's about consolodating power more and more to an upper level of government, again letting go some national soverainty.

    May be the constitution is not much, but it's a serious philosophical step!

    I'd sure vote no if i lived there. But i'm too busy voting "yes" down here to split up from Canada :)
  10. Well, let's say the vote goes hunky-dory (all-well), everyone votes "yes," blah blah blah...

    Are going to blow thru 1.3000?

    Because that's where I need it go. :D

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