EU Bailout by the FED - Americans Pay Again

Discussion in 'Economics' started by ronblack, Nov 29, 2011.

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    The Germans don't want to pay by printing more money because that is essentially a tax from reduced purchasing power but the FED comes in and wants to do that to Americans. Maybe a few US Banks will benefit from a bailout of EU but the average American consumer will see higher gas, energy and food prices because the FED will lend dollars to the EU nations to exchange for Euros to pay their euro-denominated debts. As a result the dollar will fall sharply to new lows.

    Americans should resist another Marshal plan for Europe that aims in saving other countries and their central banks that want to maintain zero-inflation by not printing money and will end up transferring the inflation to Americans.
  2. Started today with the FED providing USD to EU. EURUSD is soaring as you said and with it oil way above $100.

    Americans are getting screwed once more. They will bail out Europeans at the gas pump.

    It wan't enough they bailed out the banks, now the FED is bailing out Europe after buying into the German blackmail.
  3. Dollar was hit hard by American themselves.