ET's Resident Scientists

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    And there you have it. ET's finest thinkers have finally come forward.

    Are there any other physicists among us? Hello or phenomena, perhaps? Lucrum, maybe? Peilthetraveler? Gentlemen, now is not the time for modesty.
  2. i think we can all thank our lucky stars he's not in high energy physics anymore that's what i think :D
  3. 377OHMS


    USC, Electrophysics, 1996

    Designed the pre-modulating cavity for the USC Electron Cyclotron Maser.

    So, what is your point? :D
  4. Lucrum



    This seems to be developing into yet another thread Gabby is going to regret starting.
  5. uhh 3 people out of 10,000+ have replied..that's "ownage" :confused:
  6. Hello


    I am curious as to how 3 people who have replied, 4 including myself turns into 10,000+.....

    Is this more Liberal math?
  7. Ricter


    I too am unsure the point of this. Those look more like engineering professions to me, but even if they are pure science, the whole enterprise's practitioners are so specialized now anyway...
  8. Lucrum


    377OHMS's post was the ownage genius.
  9. Well, if this is the case there is definitely some brain power amongst the inhabitants of P&R. My question is.........why would you waste your time down here in the dungeon?
  10. Hello


    I am pretty sure the point Gabby is trying to make is the point he always fails at making on this site.

    Which is that every single right wingers is a dumb racist.

    Its too bad he constantly gets slapped around in the arguments he mcreates because i think it only helps to bring draw his psychosis even further out of him.

    I am not agree with you, or other lefties on this site on much, but im not stupid enough to believe that you guys are all totally helpless like Gabfly1 is.

    Im pretty sure that while i never agree with you anything in terms of politics you still lead a sucessfull life.

    the same goes for guys like tradernik, and dr. zhivodka, who while i dont agree with them on much, i still think they seem like they are reasonably sucessfull people.

    There is no way to describe the way gabfly1 views the world besides full flown psychosis, he constantly starts polls claiming all right wingers are racist, liars, hypocrites, or losers, and the overwhelming majority always vote against him, then the threads turn in to him getting slapped around, but he continues to think he is right and the large majority of the population are wrong.
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