ET's preferential rating system

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  1. Am I the only one to notice this

  2. Maybe there are more conservatives than liberals on the site?

    I assure you, there is no conspiracy in the rating of posts.
  3. Lucrum


    Maybe those despicable conservatives have "stolen" the ratings by miscounting hanging chads and influencing the supreme court again.

    Oh shit they're doing it again right here in feedback!

    Oh the humanity
  4. There are more right wing nutcases on the P&R forum by a margin of 10. Think of it as similar to being parachuted into Salt Lake City and trying to mock Joseph Smith and the existence of god (and book of mormon too)
  5. So all the old angry white male Glenn Beck demographic are posting ?

    That explains why the quality of posts on ET has been atrocious lately and devoid of any value. Kind of like the glen beck show. :D

    It's time to frequent a real traders forum

  6. The Papa Roach thread was about giving Iran a nuke, not nuking them. I would hardly call it a right wing thread.
  7. Or maybe try staying OUT of the P&R forum :)

  8. Ratings apparently matter to the sheep like Fox News and Limbaugh followers...

    Somehow they think the popular majority determines truth of a situation...which is a bit odd on a site for traders...where the winning traders generally know the sheep mentality of the public puts them typically all in and long at the top and all out or short at the bottom...
  9. By a wide margin more conservatives, and probably not coincidentally more losing traders than winning traders...

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