ET's political forum has gone lunatic fringe

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Thunderdog, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. With each passing day, another thread finds its way into the political forum, more ridiculous than the last. The views shared by a growing number of posters are more consistent with an aluminum-hatted militia group in, say, Montana, than what you would expect from a gaggle of so-called traders. This nonsense evidently creates activity in the forum and, no doubt, Baron is pleased. But I'm reminded of the flurry of activity in the financial markets with no regard to quality that eventually came back and bit people in the ass. (AIG, anyone?) Baron, I hope you are paying attention.

    For the longest time, it has been somewhat frustrating reading nonsensical posts with little or no basis in reality. And there is little if any communication or consideration going on in the exchanges. Rather, it is just posturing followed by more posturing, getting a little bit more outrageous each time. Presently, I am finding myself more embarrassed than frustrated at being associated with a site that is increasingly reaching "out there."

    And so, I'm wondering if it might be in the site's longer-term interest to not have a forum that soils the overall site, nothwithstanding the incremental activity to the site that such lunacy generates. True, some people will still hold bizarre and outrageous political views that seek expression, but must they necesarily have the luxury of dumping their toxicity here? Perhaps radical views and such radical posters would be better served elsewhere. This is, after all, a moderated site for trading-related matters.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Political forum has consciously been designed as a cesspool by Admins. The purpose was to create a depository so as not to "pollute" the rest of the forums.

    Trust me, with any quality control, people like zog, mag light, etc. would have been banned already.
  3. The forum gets better as my ignore list grows.
  4. Perhaps moderators should actually do what they have agreed to do. Then such a cesspool would surface elsewhere, far away form ET. However, as it is, there has already been some seepage into the economics and Wall Street news forums.
    That goes without saying. But thanks for saying it anyway.
  5. That may well be, but I hold the view that whenever someone genuinely feels the need to place someone else on ignore, there is a moderator out there perhaps not doing as good a job as he should. Perhaps users should use the complain function at least as often, if not more so, as the ignore function. At least such an action will hopefully serve as a wake-up call to the valiant sentries whose function it is to actually moderate. Just my 2 cents.
  6. Coming from a guy that not only uses Junior high Insults daily but leaves the argument everytime I or anyone else starts asking him tough questions.

    Thunderdog you never fail to entertain.

    Thunderdog good luck sucking on attention from people who have no idea that you are famous for avoiding real debate.

    Sociopath anyone?
  7. jem


    Reading thunderdog complaining about the wacky political forums would be like hearing President Obama complaining about lax birth certificate recording procedures.
  8. Gentlemen, Outrageous commentary has always been here

    on ET. I should know, I have lurked for about four years and

    been entertained on many occasions. Some of us are liberal,

    while others are conservative.............but we always come

    back because most of us love to trade, politics aside. There

    are some talented people here and I have learned a lot

    reading their posts.
  9. This from someone who keeps pointing his debate finger at anyone who doesn't agree with his ridiculous assertions outright but who has never done anything here other than posture. Not once have you ever engaged in actual debate at ET. Not a single time, you hypocrite. Mindlessly repeating Fox's talking points does not constitute debate. Also, you don't even know what a sociopath is. You should learn the meaning of words before you use them.
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