ET's most intelligent members

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  1. although there are many, a few constantly stand out to me. this list isn't necessarily about trading knowledge; it's more about being a good thinker, not being a hypocrite, and having an open mind.

    fruity pebble
    gordon gekko

    this list is very incomplete. there are probably also many other smart members, but they choose not to share their beliefs outside trading. however, of those that do, these guys are untouchable.

    i would also like to say, as great as i think i am, some of these guys blow me away. that is HUGE of me to say. i blow most people away.

  2. burnin


    where is mr OVERtheLINE these days? I know he wasnt the most popular person, but he taught me everything I know and use today. He was definately the most generous and best trader Ive ever dealt with
  3. my list of ETs most intelligent members


    Jessie J
    johnny rotten

    I left a space between surfer and the rest because he's the only one currently posting.

  4. Gordon Gekko? Lol.

    Well, this is simply irrefutable evidence that you yourself are gordon gekko -- NO ONE (with but a token amount of intelligence) would include gg on their list of "most intelligent".

    (or did you mean, "ET's most indignant members" ? :D)
  5. Me?
  6. ElCubano


    AAAinthebeltway ( just one smart mo-f**K )
    Darkhorse ( the best writer to ever post on ET )
    Optional777 ( very good debater )
    Daniel_M (happens to be my favorite poster)
    axeman ( The debate crusher )
    stu ( ahhh stu, what can I say about this guy another smart f**k)
    alphonso ( the Argentinian sensation )
  7. My vote goes for Outlaw.

  8. Can't believe I didn't make your list....tonight, im praying for a high ankle sprain to ricky williams!!!!!:mad:
  9. I vote for FPC...
  10. vega


    All the replies to this thread if it was called Dumbest people on ET. As if there isn't enough criticism/sarcasm/name calling here, that kind of thread might break records here for total number of posts (and probably total number of posts that needed to be deleted by the mods:p )

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