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  1. can be found in the thread "Trader P/L 2006" it appears.

    These guys regularly bring in 1-2k per day and looks like some of these guys typically have a losing day once every 10-50 days.

    In other words, these traders have more than 90% winning day rates.


    Just goes to show that it is possible to make good money once you can figure out who you are and figure out what works for you. Unfortunately, most people fail to do exact that.....
  2. Joab


    That's what thier showing you :cool:

    It's very easy to leave out losing days so don't believe everything you see.

    That being said I do respect several of the posters in that journal.
  3. No way, people don't always post their losing days??? No way....:D

    I guess my original post was not sarcastic enough.

    I know that many people BS on this forum although I don't know why. It's not like BS-ing help them make more money.

    Having said that, I agree with you that some posters genuinely seem to have figured out a way to make money on a consistent basis.

    I'm on a hot streak right now, but haven't traded long enough to know how well my system works....

    Anyways, it's a good motivation for me, seeing some of these guys making a good money.

    I didn't start daytrading, just to be an average trader....:p
  4. The thread serves it's purpose.

    Let's imagine every single person on that thread is lying, and they are all faking it somehow. Does it really affect your trading?

    Does it really affect their trading?

    Does it even really matter?

    The thread is supposed to serve as inspiration, which it does for myself, and it does it's job. Does anyone here really track each trader's PnL and check it and all that?

    I see a lot of swifties come in and stop posting, seems like the turnover is incredible.

    Few months ago the thread was incredible with amount of posters, seems to have evened out again. I have considered posting, but I don't know if it will benefit my trading, vs. adding pressure for me to put up big numbers.

    You have to trust what you believe. I believe them, because I can. But I don't expect it to impact my trading, other than give me inspiration to try harder.

    So, who cares? I don't trust many things I see on the internet, and I don't rely on the PnL thread on anything important, so no big deal.

    But, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt, because I'm not buying anything from them, now if they were advertising a product or themselves, certainly more caution would be warranted, but, I think jealousy spurs on these types of threads that claim all those that post are fake.

    It is what it is.
  5. Where is this thread ? I searched for it and it didnt come up.
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    i agree, that's why i post. it pushes me to do better. when i see rearden metal post huge days, i know i can do much much much better. it gives me somthing to strive for, like you said whether they are real or fake it pushes me regardless.

  7. Thanks. For some reason, seaching on 2006 gave me weird results....I can see it just sitting there in the journals section.
  8. Fwiw, I post everyday (up or down). Now granted my P&L is consistently up because I trade a style that allows me to be very consistent. But you'll also notice I'm never up 4K, 20K or 100K like some others.

    I'm sure there are many others out there who dont post their #'s but do extremely well as well as other posters who "claim" to know a lot about the markets but dont make shit trading. The P&L thread is just that, a place to post #'s. Whether or not people believe what they see, its not going to affect me or how I go about my business. I personally enjoy posting and seeing my growth as well as other consistent posters.
  9. There is one guy on there that is fully legit that I know, so Im sure a few others are also.
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