Etrade's Prop. trading dept.

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    Does anyone out there know anything about Etrade's prop. trading divsion? I am currently working for a prop. firm now and my friend told me about a prop. trading dept. at Etrade in NYC. I never heard about it until now and was thinking about checking it out. Anyone else hear about this?
  2. they took over Momentum trading - do not know what the plans are for the prop division going forward ????
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  4. If and/or when we ever have another bull market again, they will be the leader in the industry.

    What do you think Don?
  5. i am certain that e*trade professional capital base is much higher than any of the other typical prop firms. the question is--- will there be enough public interest in the equity market for them to continue with all the overhead ? the shrine they built for trading on madison in NYC is obviously not inexpensive to maintain, etc. i certainly give them credit for keeping the faith in the day trading phenomena during this time.

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    i thought they closed the one on madison a couple weeks ago? could have sworn it was on the nyc local newscast..

  7. WOW ! that is huge news, if you can get the details it would be great.

    thanks !
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