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  1. fencerd4


    I see $3 after earnings.
  2. monk3y


    Swing and a miss...

    Trading below $2 AHs.
  3. I see bankruptcy in the future

    BTW, the stock is down 21.28% today
  4. That sucks I like etrade. I like the etrade pro platform.

    If they go out of buisness will someone buy the platform etc?
  5. fencerd4


    bad call on my part. I got out today at 2.41. Made $94 on 10500 shares
  6. uhhhh you call it at 3$ but you get out at 2.41? odd
  7. piezoe


    Etrade buying JPM's brokerage arm marked the beginning of the end for them. I thought at the time that that decision was a very bad one and would come back to bite them. It did. But it took far longer for Etrade to self-destruct then i thought it would.
  8. Most likely. Here in Canada, ETrade Canada was bought buy the Bank of Nova Scotia a few months back. I can see the same thing happening with ETrade.
  9. You mean it wasn't the billion dollars worth of subprime loans they orginated going bad? gee who would have thought more customers would create giant losses?!!

  10. monk3y


    When was it anywhere near $2.41 today?

    LOL nm. The default timestamps on the posts are sooo off..
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