ETrade with TT?

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    Depends on how you trade. What you are after is a solid reliable order entry platform ..and x-trader is just that. never heard about a TT-trader, pro. You just might be pushing our buttons.

    TT_trader has charting.........a little more commission and you get the whole deal rolled up in one. No extras for a charting service and paying exchange fees.

    Might be a decent deal unless you are a big trader, then you can usually write your own ticket. Think of etrades TT-trader idea like this.............VELOCITY and Global do not even offer x-study for their accounts. Etrade is out of the box and upfront .
  2. What do you mean "pushing our buttons" I am no shill for anyone if that's what your are implying. Read some of my posts. I am objective for better or worse.

    I used to use X Trader 6 so I know about reliability. I just went NT for trailing stop feature and multi- exchanges. Have you ever used X Trader?

    I have an account at Velocity using Ninja Trader. They offer X Study, I just spoke to Anthony about it approx. 2 hours ago. Now when I get around to the demo, and if I find that not to be true, I will let everyone know. The reason I balk at that comm. is I know even without doing high volume I will very likely get a much lower rate at Velocity. But then I have had an account there for over 1 year.
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    Excludes non-U.S. residents.
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  5. Has anyone used the platform or service yet?
  6. Sorry, but no self respecting scalper, will consider any company at such rates..... at those ridiculous rates.

    As such ask yourself, is this tool therefore the best tool for THAT purpose?.. I dont think so, with all the settings, screen resolution and suggested x2 dual cores required for optimal operation?... man TT are full of it with their 32bit application..

    1. Etrade is for Swing nothing shorter timeframs
    2. TT X_Trader is overrated.. written in 32 bit!! not 64 and yet somehow its bow suitable for swing retailers as entry tool?... My mind as a scalper is made... Im using ProMarks from Pats systems instead of overrated XTrader as fast scalping tool.
  7. 5/6 USD is about right for no fee Xtrader. works nicely for lower volume traders, makes way more sense than paying 600-1400/month for platform.

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    E TURD never returns e mails.
    I was trying to find out if they have any office space on East 57th Street.

    el surrrrrrrrrrdo
  9. A lesson for newbies... rely on rubbish.. you get rubbish.. period..
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