Etrade Pro list of problems

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by techtech, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. techtech


    this is some of the worst out there for serious traders.
    1. it disconnects all day long, you then trade off bad data.
    2. the quantities and the market value does not update so you trade off wrong quantities and prices. buy same thing twice.
    3. the charts are not accurate, very rudimentary.
    4. market depth, order status, and ...can freeze several times per day; returns in 4 or 5 minutes
    5. the entire Pro system can freeze several times per day, must reboot.
    6. the "feedback" button takes you to surveymonkey who tries to sell you surveys.
    7. the support phone number on the pro screen goes to trading support at etrade. they know nothing about the software.
    8. these reports are all over the web. etrade denies there's a problem.

    I have a twin processor with lots of memory. everything up to date.
    I'm studying the Pro's logs and system crash dumps. no luck