ETrade Pro is slow last 2 days

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Pholeuon, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. Etrade pro is very slowly working today and yesterday. /usually it is quick and stable trading platform/. I can not find any problem in my hardware, JAVA and internet connection.
    Can somebody experiencing similar problems or it is just something wrong by me?

    Thanks for any help
  2. Try restarting it.

  3. I restarted and started it few dozen times including whole home net, resetting modems, etc. No help, it was slow.
    When I was checking my internet on speedmeter it was OK as well as ping for example to
    Problem is that I can not ping because it does not work, nor any https:// that I was able to try, so I can not test connection to etrade directly. Does somebody idea how it can be done?
  4. I do not think it is your connection to etrade.

    I can ping elitetrader fine but not etrade. May be the encryption, I am not sure. And my etrade pro works fine.

    You should try doing some cleaning. CCleaner would be a good start. When my ETpro starts acting up I clean my system and it works fine after reloading java. Maybe the aplet gets corrupted or something?

    Maybe run spybot as well and defragment your HD.

    And if still no luck call etrade tech support.
  5. Yes, it is not possible to ping Etrade probably for security reasons.
    I did everything what is necessary, other aplications are working fine. I tried delete JAVA applets several times.
    They are several possible reasons /long intercontinental connection to USA, my internet connection being not enough stable /I believe the most probable reason/, problem with my computer or problems with Etrade pro itself. I simple wanted exclude last option prior I start test and reload my files, etc. Usually is Etrade Pro working well but last 2 days I have problems nearly during whole trading session. I lost about $500 because simple was not able sale my position as minimum 10 minutes because I needed reset and restart everything.

    I know now that it was working for you fine.

    Anyway I am happy that somebody else is using Etrade Pro. I can not change brokerage /because I can not find any other allowing paypal funding/ and although I am very concerned with possible Etrade bankrupcy /I know the money will not vanish but even if I need wait for them months will be killing problem for me/ I like it, for discretionary trader it is great platform.
  6. I am not worried about etrade going under, won't happen.

    If it used to work fine before on the same connection then maybe it is your system.

    Have you added any new programs or hardware? which may be taking up more resources? I notice if I try encoding dvd my etrade acts funny. Or if I have alot of services running.
  7. techtech


    this is some of the worst out there for serious traders.
    1. it disconnects all day long, you then trade off bad data.
    2. the quantities and the market value does not update so you trade off wrong quantities and prices. buy same thing twice.
    3. the charts are not accurate, very rudimentary.
    4. market depth, order status, and ...can freeze several times per day; returns in 4 or 5 minutes
    5. the entire Pro system can freeze several times per day, must reboot.
    6. the "feedback" button takes you to surveymonkey who tries to sell you surveys.
    7. the support phone number on the pro screen goes to trading support at etrade. they know nothing about the software.
    8. these reports are all over the web. etrade denies there's a problem.
  8. AyeYo


    Aside from this thread being half a million years old... I've used Power Pro every day since the beginning of this year and haven't had a single issue. Market depth can occassionally get sticky on OTC stocks, but this is easily fixed by clicking to a different stock then back to the original.

    The platform has never disconnected, frozen, or anything else you've complained about. It's very stable, easy to use, and fast.