Etrade Portfolio Margin

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  1. Does anyone have any experience with Etrade's portfolio margin? Do they track the TIMS margin closely? Thanks for any info.
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    Are there any others (besides IB and now E-trade) that offer portfolio margin?
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    We offer Customer Portfolio Margin through our relationships with Penson Financial and ML Pro.
  4. So we have IB, etrade, and Victor.

    According to theMargininvestor (dot) com:

    ThinkorSwim offers portfolio margin (I'm not sure if it does for new customers post-TD merger).

    OptionsXpress (now Charles Schwab) apparently offers it as well.

    Optionshouse offers it (but apparently not to retail clients)



    I also read on a forum post here that Vtrader offered CPM.

    Any others to add?