Etrade now in the futures biz and offering TT

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  1. I have some IRA's at Etrade and got this in my email today...

  2. ok, how is this better than ib, which charges less?
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    2.99 per contract plus exchange fees!!??

    2.29+2.29+2.32 = 6.90 R/T for the eminis

  4. I was simply sharing some info. There's been a number of posts of people inquiring about TT, and here's an option. There might not be a software fee per say, but it appears it may be built in.

    If you are looking for trading on on the top platforms, here's an option.

    That's it.

  5. Very interesting, thanks for posting. Quite interesting to see if Etrade can make a go of it.
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    TT is clearly diving into the retail biz
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    10K to start and you are really signing up with Mann financial thru ETrade.
  8. As a US futures trader this is a double-edged sword...

    Yes, it helps add liquidity. But as more and more Joe six-pack investors play in this arena the greater the possibility that futs regs are enacted (for example, PDT, up-tick rule, etc, just example ideas obviously), not to mention an end to the favored tax rate.

    FYI: one of the news biz shows recently exposed that the new Bush budget makes mandatory for stock brokerages to provide detailed eoy stock trade information. Make tax filing easier for Schedule D traders, or just a previously unexploited source of funds for uncle sam?
  9. Interesting thoughts Osorico. Never though of it like that. As more 'mainstream' brokers enter the futures world, we could be in for a shake up... Maybe. :D
  10. retail traders have no business in futures. way too much leverage
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