eTrade Lightspeed and eSignal

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Phlub, May 11, 2005.

  1. Phlub


    Does anyone use, or know of anyone that uses a link between eSignal and eTrade for postions and order entry? I heard one is out there, but could not find it on eSignal's website.

  2. are you with etrade? you must be under an llc or retail. i'm with them retail and looking around for another deal
  3. Phlub


    No - I am not with them currently. Although Lightspeed is still around (post eTrade prop) for larger, active accounts, and the rates are very competetive. I am just curious because I trade almost exclusively on eSignal using the broker link.

    If you currently use Lightspeed, why are you looking at other plaforms?
  4. Farside


    Etrade Professional never responded to me...I emailed them twice in the last two weeks. They must not be taking any new retail accounts.
  5. ech15


    etrade pulled plug on all of their prop trading offices. since last thurseday, there are groups of etrade traders looking for new places to trade.