eTrade is based in DC area?

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  1. We were pretty good friends with the treasurer of eTrade and she and her husband just moved to the DC area (last June)?
    We lost touch....
    Isn't etrade a Palo Alto, CA based company? What's the scoop here?
  2. Maybe you weren't such "good friends"?

  3. well you got me there sparky. Your observation skills are just out of this world!!
  4. btw, in this economy, today's "treasurer" might be tomorrow's janitor or former treasurer. Sometimes, those people are not so happy to be in the "former" camp.
  5. Ebo


  6. Well our "former friend" was and still is the Treasurer and that is a quite a good job while it lasts. (as we found out from mutual acquaintances) The amount of relocation assistance and perks they got was quite amazing and reserved only to executives and seldom allotted to janitors...
  7. So what was the point of your post but to seem like a stalker or a bad name dropper? Do you think she will see this post and say damn it Oil trader is looking for me.
  8. ...Indeed
    ...and the website (
    has this address..
    Regular U.S. Mail
    E*TRADE Securities LLC
    P.O. Box 1542
    Merrifield, VA 22116-1542

    Overnight Mail
    E*TRADE Securities LLC
    671 N. Glebe Road, 11th Floor
    Arlington, VA 22203

    Overnight Certificates (existing accounts)
    E*TRADE Securities LLC
    10951 White Rock Road
    Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

  9. Maybe because their executives are doing such a great job with their customers. Currently watching Etrade's hacker proof technology commercial. How ironic.
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