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Discussion in 'Trading' started by lightfoot500, Mar 5, 2002.

  1. Does any one know why Etrade discontinued their monthly paper trade contest in which they would start you out with $100k and let you play the market.:confused: the winners were getting their account up to about $1M in a months time with what looked like trading index futures. What ever it was, it sure impressed me.:) If any one followed it, I would like to know if that is what the top performers were trading and what their methods were that worked so well.:cool:
  2. I opened an account with them for my mom the investor a few years ago.

    They seem to have also gotten rid of their discussion forums.

    That trading simulation game wasn't good (I tested it).

    I'm trying hard to stop from laughing...but my guess is that the top performers were TRADING STOCKS :D

    Why did their methods work so well?

    Another guess is it was fake money, no pressure, not their real money...I would rather talk to someone that's profitable via real money instead wondering what simulators are doing in the market.

    I guess it could be could of asked what strategies the winners of Yahoo! Investment Challenge are using :p

    By the way...I have a friend that trades for a living that makes enough money each month to pay his bills (trading expenses, house mortgage, car payment, private health plan, etc)...he's struggling...but doing ok.

    He tried the Yahoo! Investment Challenge awhile back and couldn't make a dime.

    I asked him why? His response..."I'm too busy making real money".

    Nihaba Ashi
  3. perhaps the game was difficult for you to navigate, :D
    But I recall that the winners were swing or day trading QQQ futures or nasdaq and S&P futures, and showing their skill at it.
    I doubt that they made that much profit by simply investing in stocks.