ETrade futures?

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  1. Anyone have any experience with ETrade futures?

    Keep getting a lot of crap in my inbox from them....looks decent..and since I do a lot of things with my money liike CEFs and would be very nice to be able to move stuff around so quickly...

    But hey it almost seems too good to be it probably is. Just wanted to ask.

    P.S. I am not really worried about the commissions, since I don't daytrade...The rate they're advertising is good enough for me on that note.

  2. their commission is robbery
  3. lol
    yeah but I make a trade maybe once every 2-3 day to a couple weeks...not a big deal to me....
  4. y not use a broker like advantage futures. how big of an account r u trading? a few days to weeks can have a huge movement on just 1 contract.
  5. Surdo


    If E*TERD's response time to an e mail question is indicitive to their level of service, I would AVOID them.

    I e mailed them several times asking about a simple platform question and have never received a reponse.


  6. What I liked about them was the cash management set up the have going on..looks very convenient...but I know there has to be a I was just seeing if anyone here at used them for futures...

    I get a bad feeling from them..but man oh mna would that be convenient...

    That is of course, the bait I am sure...
  7. Surdo


    E mail them and see if they ever answer you!
    That should clear things up as to why you should AVOID them.

  8. I have heard this a lot, but I emailed them and they replied in an hour or two...Swear to God..but seriously it could be a fluke..

    It seems too..commercial...
  9. Like most businesses, Quick to respond when you are a POTENTIAL customer, slow to respond once they have you under control

    RUN RUN RUN.....

    Too many great outfits out there doing futures to even be bothered with E * Traitors
  10. Yeah I see the point...

    eh, it was just a quick check....thanks for the info...
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