Etrade Fraud NEED HELP!!!

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    I'm in a dispute with etrade, over funds held in my account.

    I am in desperate need of a copy of the original account agreement
    that was in effect when I first opened my account in 2005.

    I looked online but that agreement is effective Sept 2010,
    If anyone has an agreement from an account that they opened
    in 2005 or 2006 that would help greatly.

    If you know how I can get this information by searching online that would also help.

    Ive already tried or

    Thank you..

    Ps. This company is a long as you never try to withdraw over 5000k you'll be find as soon as you do.. they freeze accounts and tell you to write.. when you write they say they never received it.

    If anyone needs help I have the NUMBER TO THEIR LEGAL DEPARTMENT. And Corporate Securities department (the head guy in charge)
  2. lol are you serious... just fax it and then send direct to their overnight address or send USPS certified/registered.
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    ? what are you talking about