Etrade customer service sucks!

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by vinatha, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. vinatha


    I am tired of ETrade customer service - on hold for an hour everytime before I hang up.

    I seem to have lost a small account of mine ( original ET account, not Harris transfer). Looked up some old statements last week, and noticed this account never got consolidated into my major account ( as promised by the rep two years back).

    I am just not able to retrieve this acct by its acct number phone and online. Anyone face this? Lost an account in the ETrade system??

    Being a Harris Direct customer, I was very happy with the excellent service and response times. Now, I have moved several of my major Harris accts to Etrade( thanks to the acquisition) and to top this, I am more bothered to see an acct being lost! I will attempt to fax them a letter tomorrow, as a last ditch effort.

    But, how do I connect to a rep, if I am on hold endlessly. Any tricks, folks? Or should I just keep praying?

  2. etrade is great on sales but lousy on everything else - and they DO change their fee schedule from time to time (without much warning) M<y husband had no FEE IRA's there - and puff - they charged fees
  3. Here is there supposed "Premium customer service" number, 1-888-388-2900. You'll still be on hold for 20 minutes. Better than an hour I guess.
  4. greddy


    Called cyber trader customer service yesterday. Waited only a few minutes.

    Called E-trade a few weeks ago, and was on hold for over 30 minutes.

    What is annoying is that they try to sell some credit card over the phone. Declined twice, and they still keep on calling.

    E-trade probably trimmed the customer service staff and beefed up on the telemarketing staff.
  5. Etrade hold time an ongoing and inexcusable problem.

    They also have robbed people blind with thier new sweep rates put into effect a year ago.


    I use them but I dont like it.
  6. can you email them? then you have a record also. it will probably take them days to respond but better then sitting on the ph.
  7. vinatha


    Thanks for all the suggestions. I have emailed from my other acct ( you need to have an acct to email customer service. Great!!!). I will keep you posted on any responses I get.