Etrade/Citadel Save us from Interactive!

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  1. I loathe and hate IB's customer service. It seems every time I get on the phone with these clowns, even if I enter the convo with an upbeat tone, I end the convo on the verge of frenzy. These guys must take courses their so good at what they do:

    How to frustrate and anger any customer
    How to dodge questions skillfully
    How to get a customer off the phone in 5 seconds or less
    The art of selective disclosure

    But there's no one else out there to compete at their rates and available products!

    Anyone got Kenny's celly at Citadel? With the combo, perhaps Citadel could lend its infrastructure to E-trade or a sub of E-trade to offer competitive rates.

    Please Kenny, if your listening, do something about these scumbags!
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    Yes, I'm sure that's something that is easily attainable. Have you tried his facebook or myspace page?
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    i've been with IB for very long time and i think IB's CS is way better now. they use to have all above and on top of that CS people are usually eating all the time,while talking to you, with same angry attitude,like you interrupt their lunch. :p
    i have no complaints,no problem with US trading desk,finance dept is ok,compliance dept is ok. looks to me that all those stupid,angry CS people(reinstall TWS-#1 solution for all) are concentrated in low tech level and general support
  5. Well...

    "Kenny G." doesn't read ET but his Senior Developers / Traders follow ET's Strategy Trading and Automated Trading Forum.

    Seriously. I can guarantee that the "in-house" individual developers / traders hop in everyone in a while and do a search on some of the individuals in ET... To name a few (not being exact but if you've been here long enough, you know who)...

    and a few more other people...

    Last I've heard, the thread that was talked about was the Tick data technology thread that was done a while back. This thread put ET in some of the trader's bookmarks. It's this one:

    That thread really impressed "A LOT" of people in the industry.
  6. I see sarcasm is lost on some on this forum.

    It's my opinion that Citadel could go to town with large volume retail trade and that the slightly more sophisticated set at IB would be particularly appealing especially in the equity deriv flow.

    In any case, the point would be for another competitor to stand toe to toe with IB. These guys have the monopoly on deep discount retail so can be as unaccommodating as they like. And we have a Prime account.

  7. Sorry. I only get it when it's directed towards my posts...

    :p :p :p :p :p
  8. lol, actually meant this guy but no worries.
  9. FWIW, ETFC is up 12% in a flat tape. Coincidence? You discuss....
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    It was a facetious statement, numb nuts.
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