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  1. rte66r


    Anybody have first hand experience with them??
  2. nexx


    Wow really...

    you wanna trade with little running men to view your position... that is set up for noobs to just throw money away don't even consider them.
  3. I am curious what their spreads are. Just curious
  4. I totall agree with Nex. But I remember the first time I seen this eToro. A friend send me the link and said watch the demo you'll piss your pants.

    I must have sat there laughing from a good twenty minutes or so.
  5. amateur organization
  6. ATLien


    Holy shit.

    I think I'll open a bucket shop too. Trades will be visualized as Mario running any one of the Super Mario World levels. The more points Mario racks up, the more loot you've made. When Mario dies, you've been margin called.
  7. rickf


    Dunno about eToro, but I had some great O-Toro last night @ my local sushi bar....

  8. atleast tey have ocmpetitions for paper traders
  9. nm it sucks .... but i must say that you can draw a friggin channel! some thing some highly talked about platforms dont even have ???
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