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  1. Tough subject but thought I'd throw this out there in view of the GS hearings. I'll paraphrase something I've read for consideration.

    eth·ic (thk)
    a. A set of principles of right conduct.


    A parishioner confides in a priest in a confessional that he has killed someone and "feels" likely to do it again.

    The priest is not allowed to report this to the police but his duty is to use every means possible to motivate the confessor to turn himself in.

    When Levin asks the priest how can you get "'comfortable' with the fact someone has killed someone and is likely to do that again, where are your 'ethics'"?

    The priest replies "That is my ethic".

    "I'm in the business of saving souls, not saving lives."

  2. What is a soul without a life?
  3. This is what happens when common sense collides with the law and/or ethics. It's obvious the priest should turn the guy in because the life of the next victim is more important than his ethics.

    In regard to GS, as Market Makers they have no ethical, legal or moral obligation to tell their buyers anything about whatever position GS has in the issue, IMO. The problem is that GS and others are "creating" vehicles to cover any and all situations. That's OK too, but if it blows up in their face it ain't my problem, and they made it my problem. Here's an analogy:
    Say I sell automatic weapons to gang members. I also sell insurance to rival gang members in case they get killed by the gang members I sold weapons to. Fine! It's fine untill the gangs with the superior fire power kill all the gang members I sold insurance to and now I can't cover the claims. Then what? I should go belly up, right? Why should I be able to pass on the cost of claims to the taxpayer? And my defense is, Gee, I didn't realize those gang members would kill so many people.
    The only ethics being practiced here are the ethics of the taxpayers not killing every one of the motherfuckers involved in this scam.
  4. 1) Crime pays.
    2) Catholics have more "fun".
    3) Society isn't angry enough yet to return to "medieval" forms of punishment. :( :eek: :D