ethical or no - what do you think?

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    sure is. nothing wrong with competition. if the chatrooms are so good people won't cancel.
  3. Why make the offer contingent on the cancellation of another Chatroom membership? Why not just give a free trial and let the trader decide to keep one or the other or both?

    Come to think of it, they have no access to the other chatrooms membership what am I missing here

    Please cancel my membership to your pathetic chatroom. Enough already of your lameness I want my money back.

    There- I just got a competitive upgrade to Trendvuepro....I'll let you know how it goes
  4. honestly, I don't see an ethical issue here but you chat room op's seem to inhabit a parallel universe. I know health clubs do it as a matter of course.
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    Leaves me guessing.

    If I have a car I like, why would I trade it in?

    If I had a car I didn't like would throwing in some floor mats and a pair of fuzzy dice compel me to buy a car I know nothing about?

    I think for the large part if your getting the job done (in any business) word tends to get around.
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    -good points guys, thx...

    -agree competition is the right answer, eg people should try out all the rooms and see who's a best fit for different traders' styles..

    -don't see the need to prove you quit room a to try room b etc..probably even better than a trial, is to have everyone post their last month's live transcripts for comparison .. any takers?

    -on another note... nice week, all days except thursday had decent volatility to trade with .. :)

    -let's hope we get more of the same thru the summer, though usually it's less volatile, slow chop in summertime..

    -fwiw, I'm slowly working out of the chat biz, it was nice to be able to provide training realtime, but I tend to agree with the "if you can trade then why run a chatroom?" sentiment ..ran the room for 18 months now, that's enough.... so, I'll be doing more event type things ,eg 2 weeks out of every 8, or weekend seminars, or whatever, type of thing .. starting fall..besides i need to get back to my own trading..can't do both, well.

    still looking for trader ideas re how to get the cajones to trade size, that's my weakness, I have a hard time pulling trigger on over 1K share trades .. ideas?

    have a good weekend all,

  7. What's so great about that site anyway? Been awhile since I've followed them...can't remember the name of the Yahoo club.....but do remember that I didn't think much of it.
  8. I just heard of ET the other day from a trader buddy and I really like it....sure beats the hell out of SI.

    Anyway, I haven't been able to read through all the topics yet, but I'm curious what other sites folks here use for trade ideas.

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    You keep cracking me up.

    When is the due date?
  10. you guys pay for chat rooms??? why would u pay for a tradier chat when the best trader are in MIRC chat rooms which are free!
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