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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Peri, May 23, 2004.

  1. Peri


    Is an ethernet card an ethernet card an ethernet card?

    I'm trying to change DSL modems so I can add the second computer. I assumed (mistakenly?) that I wouldn't have to change to the new card that came with the new modem and went ahead with the install. I can get connected this way but the puter acts like crap. Clock randomly stops, mouse disappears in and out, timer pops up for no reason, pages won't load like I'm off line when I'm not. Maybe the solution is as simple as "you need to change the card stupid?
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    I have never heard of a DSL modem coming with an ethernet card. If it did, there must be a reason.

    If you make a change to your system, and you start having problems, the FIRST thing to try is to undo the changes.

    Beyond that, there doesn't seem to be a lot of difference from one ethernet card to another.
  3. TGregg


    Yes, with the exception of speed rating. I think I may still have a 10 mbs card in my home net someplace for instance - that card can only talk at 10 mbs versus the now defacto standard of 100.

    That implies there is something very unstandard about your current modem, that you are going to pay your ISP extra for a LAN (likely unwise), or that you have not done enough research into setting up a LAN. Don't have time to go into it now, but you want either a switch or a computer with Internet Connection Sharing to anchor your network. If you do go the switch route (recommended) get a switched router, not a switched hub.

    You can get a new 10 mbs NIC (Network Interface Card aka Ethernet card) for less than 10 bucks shipped (check It's difficult to imagine a new DSL modem on the LAN causing problems like this. Perhaps that card is not an Ethernet card after all. For ten bucks, I'd say "screw it" and get a new card that you know WTF is.
  4. haha... 10mb(p)s is more than enough for anyone's internet access needs. you do the math
  5. i don't see why you would need to change card but i don't use dsl. there can be a problem with your ethernet card not being compatible with a newer modem. also the new ethernet card might not be compatible with your older computer. i would call your dsl company because it could be anything really. i am curious why do you use dsl anyway? i use cable and find it alot faster and more reliable. i have been told that its faster then a t1 office hookup even. i can tell you for sure its better then any office hookup i ever worked at. i think price wise it cost no more then extra $10 a month.

    if all else fails do what they did in office space to the printer. sure you will need a new computer but sh*t it will feel good for a few minutes.
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    Well, I changed the card and it did seem to be a little better but not great, still with page probs, still the timer, didn't leave it long enough to see if the clock would crash. Had previously called tech support, cough cough, asked several q's re: conflicts. "Oh, no it will be fine". Then find on their website, this conflicts with that and must be removed, yada yada yada. Their conclusion, it's a resource problem and I need to deal with Microsoft. Would a home portal gateway suck up that much more memory? Now my original dsl modem connection manager says I'm NOT connected to their network when in fact I am. Go figure.

    Thanks for the input
  7. TGregg


    Forget that gateway unless you are so broke that you stay home now that the price of gas has climbed so much. For $25 (shipped) you can get a 4 port SMC switched router. You plug your DSL modem into one side (WAN) and up to four computers (or other switches/hubs) into the four ports. Every computer needs a NIC, of course.

    A gateway also needs more NICs. One for the DSL modem, and one for every other computer you're gonna put on the LAN. Plus every other computer needs a NIC as well.

    Always check for hardware prices. Open the Router-DSL category on Pricewatch to get the price quoted above. That is a pretty cheap price, and if it concerns you, there are many switched routers from 30-35 bucks shipped. I can highly recommend as a very reliable vendor.

    EDIT: Forgot to add that you can also check eBay for deals on switched routers as well. Although many bidders apparently do not know about pricewatch, and auctions frequently go over Pricewatch prices (on used equipment even!)
  8. I had a problem a couple of years ago when I moved and had to get a new dsl connection. The old one had a static ip address and worked fine, the new one was dynamic ip address, and a big pain in the ass that you had to connect to everytime you started the pc. I was using an older pc on it and immediately began to get resource issues. After 30 minutes or so it would just gradually stop working. Verizon tech support dicked me around endlessly and pretended not to know what the problem was, but a guy from ET diagnosed it for me in about two minutes. My solution was to ditch the dsl and just stick with cable which works better anyway.

    I don't see how this guy's network card could be causing his clock to malfunction. Either the card will work or it won't. Throw that dsl crap out, hook a router to the cable modem and problem solved.