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  1. What is the status of ethanol production? I interviewed with a plant last spring since I used to be a physical grain merchant.

    I was just skeptical that these new plants would still running by 2012.

    Any of you have knowledge on profitability and viability of ethanol?
  2. PRATT, Kan. (AP) - A Minnesota-based investment bank that holds more than $63 million of debt on Pratt's Gateway Ethanol wants the troubled plant placed in emergency receivership.
    In a motion field in the U.S. District of Kansas last week, Dougherty Funding LLC noted that the plant is currently shut down.
    The lender stated in a filing Wednesday seeking an expedited hearing that Gateway officials informed Dougherty that the company "only had enough cash to continue operations for approximately 'another week or so.'"
    The $100 million plant began operating in late October 2007. Previous reports indicate that it costs nearly $10 million per month to run and employs 35 to 40 people.
    Information from: The Hutchinson News,
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    This corn driven ethanol market is a sham. Can't wait till Bush leaves office...