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  1. About to come out with a new front-end that also includes Futures . . . Stay tuned!

  2. gr8trade is or are you referring to ETG offering instaquote about a year after Echo did?

    if gr8trade is finally about to get an meaningful upgrade its about damn time, it has been promised for what seems like forever.
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    I heard that ETG merged with EGM this week.
  4. EGM has merged trading operations with ETG in a strategic alliance that will offer traders lower costs, a much broader number of trading markets, and more services. ( as of 1/1/04 )

    As most already know, EGM is a partner of Neovest Inc.

  5. Just to be more accurate in regards to my earlier post, ETG will be coming out very shortly with ETGTRADER and there will be some features which are going to make GR8-Trade look like it is standing still.

    The footprint of ETGTADER is very small and compact, with which you can receive the quote feed on the fastest data compression vs GR8-Trade. This new platform will be rolled out at the discretion of ETG management, but I am hearing that it will be out before the end of this month.

    Meanwhile, I am also hearing that Instinet has a soon to be released updated version of GR8trade coming out as well. After the debacle that occured with COCO last month, this is of no surprise.
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    ETG is making a move
    its obvious that instinet is letting gr8trade go to the shitter (and unless you use gr8trade its hard to truely comprehend how bad things have become) and before everyone runs to hammer, their will be a opportunity to check out the new system. ETG deserves this from its customers as its a damn good group of people who run things.
  7. I used Cytrix-based Hammer for one full year as a remote-trader and while super fast at times, the platform was clearly getting clogged-up with tons of bottlenecks in the 4th quarter of last year due to server issues. From what I hear, these issues are supposedly being addressed, but I am afraid that the Cytrix-based support that the remote-trader has access to is (unfortunately) not based in-house but rather from a subcontractor. As a result, the effectiveness of the platform that the remote-trader uses is in stark contrast to the Hammer Platform that the "in-house" traders are using from Assent offices.

    In any event, everyone knows that Hammer Charting is a total joke and harkens back to the days of the early 19080's and the old Quotron machines. In fact, when I asked a senior manager of Assent when they were ever going to upgrade Hammer's charting application to something a lot newer, he replied that my "trader's tell me that they only want tick charts, and don't need anything else."

    Whatever you say, man.
    I found his statement to be totally absurd, especially since Hammer was just a few extra servers and a decent charting program away from being the Ferrari of the electronic trading community. What a shame!

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    It's a bit suprising that ETG is bringing in Instaquote software. Never really liked Instaquote very much. It's just such a visually unappealing platform, and it has no real value-added features. Although they say it's fast (but who doesn't).

    One development that may have notable impact is ETGs merger with EGM. Having filter software, automation software, and order entry in the same package was something I really liked about EGM. They're also the only firm that really seems to know a lot about filtering. They also have a way to get around Neovest's 1000 symbol limitation allow you to create Neovest filters using intraday indicators.

    That said, I have a feeling that a lot more ETG traders will switch to Neovest than they will to Instaquote.
  9. I am happy to say that ETGTRADER will be most visually appealing. You need not worry about that!

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    Screenshots Screenshots!!!

    I am so psyched about it.


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