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  1. sandy c

    sandy c

    Any idea what the ramifications'll be?

    Anyone know which office(s) will be closed?
  2. Okay...i just got an email from a buddy at ETG...he said something is happening with Schonfeld...what is it?
  3. Schoney bought ETG. Jeff Mester sent an email to everyone one Friday.

    Lot's of unknown at this point.

    Looking to close on or before Oct. 31
  4. we knew in June. its funny etg traders were the last to know again.
  5. Midas


    This should be good for the guys left at ETG. New direction and leadership.................... Good luck.
  6. i heard about this months ago and tried to contact a few people at schonfeld to see what deals they had, none of whom got back to me. my deal at ETG is horrific. anybody know what deal schonfeld traders are currently offered for traders that put up capital? i've seen the older posts of 50% net, 20% gross, but i can't imagine those are still being offered.
  7. Didn't Schonfeld Group also acquire Trinix Securities earlier this month?

    Could be a positive for ETG traders, unless they find themselves in a more corporate environment...

    Will be looking to see how assimilation and any differing culture issues work out.
  8. Rates are high compared to industry, .007 when should be 1/2 that.
  9. I thought Mester resigned in July.
  10. he did, but still seems to be running things. I thought it was strange to get the email from him rather than Blythen.
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