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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Austin Trader, Feb 5, 2004.

  1. I would appreciate it if any ETG prop traders could tell me if there is a monthly seat fee at the firm? Any other misc. monthly fees?

  2. Boomer


    to get a little more info on etg, what is their training program like? (from someone who has been through it) thanks...
  3. J-Law


    Video tapes...thats it.
  4. Any info from current or former ETG traders would be appreciated.
  5. J-Law


    When I was there.,it involved watching Bob's recorded tapes. Which in restrospect make sense in regard to "general trading knowledge".

    Things like put on your full position and sectioning it into 3rd's in regard to exiting as the trade goes your way.

    They like you to make you trading decisions off of the daily chart, which really gives you a view/plan/opinion on what the stock will do intraday (gen'l direction)

    At the time I deemed them informative but not to helpful when you're a newbie trying to pieces things altogether.

    Really not bad, alot of traders whom left ETG will laugh about the tapes. But I know a few whom now incorp. some of the ideas into their trading.

    No real hard fast rules on risk though.

    Hope helps
  6. There is no "desk" fee.
  7. Bob Kantor made the tapes and he is still one of the best traders - I traded with them in the beginning (say like 94) - and I met with Bob last year - I ultimately went elsewhere because of a complex capital and trading partners situation but they are honest and decent people.
  8. I've traded 10 years in the market and began with
    ETG. I consider the tapes to be full of trading wisdom