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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Blue Star, Jan 23, 2002.

  1. I've been talking with ETG. Seem like a good firm but read some bad things on threads here a while back. Can anyone tell me what they know of ETG. One of the negative comments was that they lock you into a three year commitment. How do they do that? What's to keep me from walking away if I'm not happy with them?
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    There are plenty of firms that will suit you better. ETG has low payouts, 50%, high commissions $15/1000, and a lawyer who loves to make threats.
  3. Smackass;

    You say there are plenty of other firms out there besides ETG that would suit me better. I'm looking for a true prop. firm that provides the capital (Bright calls themselves a proprietary firm but you have to put up $25,000) and has an office in Denver. If not Denver then at least west of the Mississippi. Any names you or anyone else can give me would be greatly appreciated.
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    i can confirm that ETG's inhouse lawyer threatened me!!!!! The same lawyer also threatened this web site. My guess is that given the exposure on this site they probably think twice before they do that anymore. good luck!!!!
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    I suggest you ask them if you can speak to some of their curent traders. Then you will get the real current situation and not all the bad mouthing that goes on with people who left a while ago. They could be good or bad. Check with current traders. I suggest that for any firm you look at by the way.

    Why would a lawyer threaten you Bryan? What did you do that he claimed you shouldn't? Did you have a contract he claimed that you were not following or was he out of line? We are entitled to hear the details of the dispute before you just claim threats.
  6. welcome back. Spec1929 has good question. Why did their lawyer threaten you?

    For what it's worth and Bryan would say very little I had a good experience with ETG.