ETG - anyone have any experience with them

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  1. I'm new at daytrading. They liked my cover letter. So I'm starting the application today.

    They require a 2 year contract. Is that weird? Is that normal?

    The info on their website is outdated because trainees don't get a salary or any kind of draw anymore.

    They do absorb your losses but you don't make any money until they are paid back.

    If anyone has experience with these guys, I would really really appreciate your input.

    They will train and sponsor me for needed licenses, and I will then be coached while trading 300 shares of specific stocks. After I get a few up days in a row, I may get 1000 shares, and so on and so on.

    I'm really excited since I sent out my resume to all the proprietary firms, and this is the only one that answered back saying they will reserve me a spot even though I have to relocate.

    One other, Wolverine, said I could be an intern and get paid 1200 a month for 3-4 months, but no job would be guaranteed at the end of it. I think Wolverine traders get paid a big salary plus bonuses based on performance.

    Kindly educate me on your experiences with either of these 2 firms and which offer YOU would take.

    My education is that I have a GED.
    My work experience is with all aspects of computer software and hardware from programming to networking.

    riddles aside, Is this the breakthrough of a lifetime for someone like me, or am I being duped?

    I've read everything on this site about pro firms, but I need specifics about these companies.

    thanks everyone, and thanks for elite trader forum.
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    beware of contracts in this business.
  3. I looked into ETG, and they are the only firm I have been able to find that is really offering people true employment with no personal financial risk.
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    Take a look at these other firms:


    andover and worldco require little to no contribution

    Bright and Eco 20k.

    Hold brothers 10k

    good luck
  5. dotslash, what do you mean employee status?

    I just got off the phone with a San Francisco recruiter, and he said no salary.

    How can you be an employee without a salary or draw.
  6. I dont know about other firms but i know heartland offers a salary of about 600 a week for a couple of months with a raise to 800 performance depending. there is No capital required and i am not sure if they are hiring. good luck.
  7. thanks nwb, I sent them my resume, but havent got a response yet. They were actually my first pick if I could pick. :)
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    2 years ago ETG gave a small salary until you get on your feet. They no longer offer that. I believe your status will be as a member not an employee....
  9. What are you 2x world champion at?
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    You're joking about the fact that you only have a GED and got hired by ETG ...right???

    Anyway, do a search in the upper right hand corner for "ETG" and you should get some answers.

    Good luck.
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